What better way to start your day or end your day or govern your daily actions than to make Jesus Happy. How, you ask? Its very easy. Read your Bible!!! Throughout, you will find passages of love and compassion; of forgiveness and mercy; of joy and thanksgiving; of peace and understanding.

When one has read the Gospels one begins to understand the spirit of Jesus, what He would do and what He would say, in day to day life in the 21st Century.

Here are just a few examples of what would make Jesus happy:

1. Spend quality time with your mother and your father while they are still on this earth, or if they have departed for Paradise, spend time with those who are lonely.
2. Feed God's birds in winter.
3. Make someone laugh.
4. Bring joy to the heart of a child.
5. Plant a wilderness garden in your yard for God's creatures which might reside therein.
6. Work with your local school board to make sure that children have access to natural light in their classrooms, and to the natural world with which we have been blessed by God.
7. Be a safety net for friends in need, by helping them overcome the trials and tribulations of life.
8. Volunteer to help persons with negative addictions overcome their destructive habits.
9. Visit with those who are destroying God's Creation for money's sake and help them develop a respect for God and His great works.
10. Hug each member of your family each and every day and tell them that you love them. If you have no family, compliment a stranger and tell them that both you and God love them.
11. Work with your community to curtail the waste of the precious resources which God gave us to last for all generations, and which we are squandering.
12. Help teach family planning to our youth as well as the beauty of abstinence as we have overpopulated God's Earth and in so doing have jeopardized the future of humankind and all of God's creatures both great and small.

There are millions upon millions of other ways to make Jesus happy. Please feel free to E-mail us your experiences with doing good deeds, which you feel in your heart have made Jesus smile.

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